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You want to be “seen” as the expert in your field, but do not have beautiful photos to reflect that?

You are frustrated when it comes to finding beautiful content and images to market your business online?

You crave beautiful, intentional and strategic images that truly capture your uniqueness and the six figure business journey you're on?

You ready to raise your prices and scale your business, but need the confidence to confirm you’re ready?

You worried about looking and feeling awkward in photos?


Cindy Green

Los Angeles Brand Photographer

I'm passionate about helping women entrepreneurs embrace their authenticity through powerful, feminine, and genuine images. With over 8 years of experience behind the camera, I'm here to make you shine effortlessly and beautifully. Let's capture your unique essence together and create images that tell your story with timeless elegance. Welcome to a world where you can truly be seen and celebrated!

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You are running your own business and you have a sense that transformation awaits. I am here to help you gain new confidence and see yourself as that 6 figure / 7 figure entrepreneur that you are. It’s time to go all in your visual marketing and begin to attract those dream clients. 

Girl, it’s time to be seen!

It’s time to let your dream clients know you exist! 

Imagine now, that you have a beautiful gallery full of high quality images that increase your confidence and make you stand out in your competitive industry. 

Imagine capturing your true essence in photos that align beautifully with your dream clients so you can achieve your dream life, whatever that looks like to you! 

Now you’ll have the confidence to run your business like the six figure business owner you are because you chose to invest in your visual marketing strategy.

You deserve to have social media feel easy and fun so you can make deeper connections with others that grow your business! 

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Jess, Wedding Florist

I absolutely LOVED my branding photo shoot with Cindy. She’s not only excellent at directing to get a great shot, she’s great at making you feel comfortable, since I’m a little awkward in front of a camera. The final results looked effortless, I looked great!
I even had an allergic reaction to something and my eyes were a little swollen, which was devastating for me, I was so worried I would look awful, because I felt like I looked awful. She, reassured me that it wasn’t that bad and that she would easily make me look normal in post. And she did!
Not only is she super talented at what she does, she’s also incredibly sweet and fun to hang out with. I really loved every aspect of our shoot. I even got my photos back quickly, which is always a plus! I’m mostly excited about finally having some great images for social media and marketing purposes. It’s really hard to get beautiful images of yourself working, and they’re so incredibly useful for anything branding. 
Thank you Cindy, love ya!

"I’m mostly excited about finally having some great images for social media and marketing purposes.."

Tiffany - Makeup Artist & Influencer

There are truly no words to capture the full experience I had with Cindy. From the very beginning and even til this day, I feel so much joy! I am so thrilled to share these captures through my business. I absolutely loved being able to talk with Cindy prior to our photoshoot. I could sense her vision, and couldn’t wait to see how how this would turn out! She is well organized and prepared a checklist of for my story and branding. This was so helpful to guide me and it gave me a sense of ease before the day of the shoot. As we were speaking over the phone, I truly enjoyed getting to know one another. Sharing our stories of what inspires us, our personal journeys, and finding our purpose. It also awakened my passion in things I forgot about or have been dormant for some time. I felt re-energized. On the day of our photoshoot, I felt like I already knew Cindy. We were able to have fun, experiment, and play to capture really candid shots. I feel honored to have been photographed and seen by Cindy in such a way to express my story, who I am, and where I am going.

"I felt beautiful, glamorous, confident, playful, and strong. I can’t speak highly enough of this experience of self-love and capturing my story with Cindy."

Elaine, Life Coach

I was referred to Cindy by a dear friend as she knew I wanted to create my Coaching business on social media. I wanted professional pictures to be able to have as I launched into this new direction. So..I was all set. I was going to be in California for 5 days and I scheduled a day with Cindy. We chose Laguna Beach at sunset. Wow! It was absolutely beautiful and VERY BUSY. People everywhere. I was so nervous and uncomfortable initially. I felt awkward. Silly even. Cindy was so incredible. She helped me become more and more comfortable as we chose different scenery, changed outfits, makeup and jewelry. I felt empowered. My photos came out great! Cindy truly captured it all. Having these images to launch my business was the best decision I have ever made. This photo session helped me capture my vision of...'This is Me'.

"I felt empowered. My photos came out great! Cindy truly captured it all. Having these images to launch my business was the best decision I have ever made."

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